Open Classes

At the end of November, parents are invited to come and watch their child's classes. Videos and photos are permitted.


All students participate in the year end recital. It is their moment to shine.

Dance routines are taught in class. Rehearsal dates are scheduled outside of class time to provide dancers with the opportunity to practice on stage.


Pre-School: all Combo Classes
General: all classes aged 6 yrs and older

Show orders will be posted in January

Recital Dates, Location and Schedule

Dates and Location information is confirmed in the Fall. Schedules and Rehearsal information will be sent to students via email.


Recital tickets, with assigned seating, will be sold in advance.

Recital Costumes

Each dance number will require a recital costume designed by the teachers. Costume prices range from $70-$100 (includes materials and seamstress fees).